Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big phat welcome to blogging

So I don't know what to turn this blog into. I was thinking of talking about my success with gaming and my success with the ladies (quite a lot to talk about with both imo)
I've been gaming since I was young, PC only, consoles killed gaming (ever since cod 4, no dedicated servers or mod tools, sooo damn fail). I can't play single player anything, I get bored. There has to be another person on the other end that is getting destroyed or I wont find it fun.

Played every single battlefield game since 1942 and been basically in the top team in Aus every time. The latest BF game, BC2, my team aK^ won all the Australian comps (CG beta comp, GA comp, CG cash comp) which netted me around $450 and a signed copy of the game (like 15 sigs on it from the devs). We did shit that no other team in the world even came CLOSE to discovering. (too bad there is almost zero money in aus gaming)

Next thing I'm looking forward to; BF3. All the big names are already hustling for the best players. In the meantime, might play homefront (early march) and clean out any aus cash comps.

I'll keep you posted with any new gaming info and what it means to us pure gamers. Also I got a few rants to get off my chest (women gamers, arrrgghhh)

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  1. Sadly the no money is gaming runs true for us in South Africa as well :/
    But looking forward to new posts