Monday, February 14, 2011

brb camping

Heading down south for a few days of camping! I'll continue the updates when I get back.

While I'm gone, check out this. Im sure all pure gamers can relate.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pro Tip #1

The first in my new pro tip series:

Always use a dot on your screen. In so many games it is vitally important to always know where the dead centre of your screen is. So many games have weapons (ie sniping, throwing nades, SRAW) that have the crosshair removed.

BF2 for example, you could fire and guide the SRAW without zooming in, and the missile would track the dead centre of the screen and because you wern't zoomed in, you were much more mobile. Also for BF2, when sprinting there is no crosshair, but when you use a dot, you can start lining up the shot perfectly before the crosshair appears, saving you a lot of time and also allowing you to jump in the air and 1 bullet HS people the instant you land (because you lined the shot up mid flight, instead of having to wait for the crosshair to appear).

Using a dot is also very beneficial for strafe scouting in CS.

I find the best way to put a dot on is to load up CSS, create a custom game and buy a scout. Affix a small blob about 1mm wide to the centre of the screen (using the scope as a guide) using the tip of your fingernail. Also, every shooting game I have played uses the exact same dead centre of the screen (thankfully, otherwise moving your dot around for different games would be aids)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

New BF3 info!

New bf3 info came out recently in the form of a Game Informer article. To summarize for competitive gamers;

-Coming out 4th quarter
-EA are emphasising accurate hitboxs
-No mod tools
- PC is lead version (I call bullshit on this, they said this about bc2 in its early development, and we all know how that turned out! I.E. buggy last minute tacked on browser, chat functionallity and friend system.)

No word on dedicated servers but im guessing it will be the same as BC2, that is ranked servers will be rented off dice.

Remember to check out the bf3 threads in CG:

The rest of the info:

* Aiming for CY Q4 2011 release
* Concept for BF3 has been in the works for years, waiting on proper tech to seamlessly come together
* Frosbite 2.0 is the culmination of this tech, entirely re-written
* Lighting sounds neat, one "probe" contains more lighting information than an entire BFBC2 level.
* Level destruction is going to be "believable" but basically everything is destructible.
* Character animations powered by ANT, what EA Sports uses.
* AI characters and multiplayer characters have different animation setsNo more "gliding" animations that look off, animation realism is a focus
* Captured their own war audios (bullets, tanks, helicopters, etc) at different distances to ensure realism
* Better audio cues for certain actions, more easily able to listen for threats
* Plan on better, more immediate post release content
* More unlocks than BFBC2
* Dice trying to find a good balance between customization of your character and not having "pink rabbit hat(s)"
* 4 classes
* Will talk about squads "later"
* Looking into a theater mode but can't talk about it
* Will have co-op
* There will be a kill-cam but it can be turned off
* BF3's team is almost twice as big as the team for BFBC2
* They want the pacing of the single player mode to be balanced, with highs and lows. Makes the comparison to a song vs a guitar solo.
* Part of the single player mode takes place in Sulaymaniyah – Iraqi Kurdistan.
* "****" will be used often, so M rated for sure
* There will be an earthquake in a level. The destruction sounds very impressive. 7 story building collapses, looks very well done
* Significant narrative that goes with the SP mode
* More than one setting, you're not in the middle east for the whole game
* PC version is lead version
* Why 64 players for PC only? No complains from the console crowd.
* No mod tools at release. Maybe none down the line either. Frosbite 2.0 is complex and mods tools would have to be dumbed down, so does Dice really want to put their time to that or would it be better spent elsewhere?
* Original story, not based on Bad Company at all.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big phat welcome to blogging

So I don't know what to turn this blog into. I was thinking of talking about my success with gaming and my success with the ladies (quite a lot to talk about with both imo)
I've been gaming since I was young, PC only, consoles killed gaming (ever since cod 4, no dedicated servers or mod tools, sooo damn fail). I can't play single player anything, I get bored. There has to be another person on the other end that is getting destroyed or I wont find it fun.

Played every single battlefield game since 1942 and been basically in the top team in Aus every time. The latest BF game, BC2, my team aK^ won all the Australian comps (CG beta comp, GA comp, CG cash comp) which netted me around $450 and a signed copy of the game (like 15 sigs on it from the devs). We did shit that no other team in the world even came CLOSE to discovering. (too bad there is almost zero money in aus gaming)

Next thing I'm looking forward to; BF3. All the big names are already hustling for the best players. In the meantime, might play homefront (early march) and clean out any aus cash comps.

I'll keep you posted with any new gaming info and what it means to us pure gamers. Also I got a few rants to get off my chest (women gamers, arrrgghhh)